Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Frugal Spring House Cleaning Tips

Photo by Suzzycue
Do you like this Fairy home, I found this summer at Port Burwell ,Ontario, Canada.
 If my home was as small and  lovely as this Fairy house is, in the tree, it wouldn’t take me long to clean it.  I have a two bedroom ,two bathroom Apartment facing south on the shores of Lake Victoria, in Stratford, ON. Sounds grand …doesn’t it.  The truth is, it is also very old ,built in the 1960’s. Older buildings come with drafts, a lot of dust coming from the old plaster ceilings and mold, but I love it. I do my spring cleaning in January because, in the spring when the sun is warm, I get glued to the outside balcony and nothing gets done inside.
Here is a list of frugal household tips that will make your chores easier and your Bank account fuller.
 Back in the older days of cleaning houses ,they used ashes from the cooking stove to clean everything. How they thought of cleaning dirt with dirt I will never know.  They sprinkled ashes on the floor and then scrubbed it with branches.  They used ashes on a rag as a scrubby to do the dishes.
Doing the laundry was a brilliant idea. They couldn’t wash their clothes with grey ashes, the way they were, because the white clothes would be dirtier than when they were washed.
They took ashes and put them in the bottom of a wooden bucket with a small hole in the bottom of it. Then they put weeds on top of the ashes.  They poured water on top of it all and took a rock and pushed it all down so there was a clear liquid come out of the ashes. This clear liquid was mixed with pig fat and what we know as lye soap was born. Lye is the short form for alkaline liquid that was squeezed from the ashes. In those days women worked hard as we do today. I think I will stick to using Tide 🙂