Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Frugal Planting Tip for Tomato Plants

This is the neatest planting tip, to save your back from breaking, every time you dig a hole for planting your tomato plants, that I have ever seen. It is a four foot threaded rod, with a tin, tomato size can, attached to it, by a bolt. The bottom of the can was removed to allow dirt to enter to create the hole. One third of the top was removed to knock the dirt out when you need to empty it. My neighbor invented this to plant his forty patio, bush tomato plants in no time at all. This device doesn't work right now because our ground is like cement because we have had very little rain where we are in Ontario. To make it work well... you would need to wet the area you were going to plant so as not to bust your new planting device, when you stepped on it with your foot to sink it into the ground. Thanks for reading and DIY, build a tomato planter :)

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Walk With Me Lake Victoria Stratford

This is Stratford Ontario at it's best. Come visit and see for yourself . This is a great day tripping vacation. This walk around Lake Victoria (Avon River to me) is not wheelchair accessible so I made this so all Folks can enjoy it. Including the Folks that would be challenged to do this walk. Thanks for watching !

Ice Fan

How many of you have sit in front of a fan to cool off and ended up hotter because the fan is blowing hot air at you? I am in the same boat and I live on a budget that doesn't include too much air conditioning. What I do, is, to place, a plate of ice cubes in front of my fan. Then, the fan blows over the ice cooling the air, before it gets to you. This really works and cost no more than running a fan. When the ice melts, I place the water on my arms and wrists and this will cool you down too. A good trick to this #life-hack, would be to put water in a zip-lock bag or plastic container, freeze those to make a bigger, harder ice block that would melt slower, so, You wouldn't miss your movie filling up your plate with ice cubes all the time. The last trick is to put salt on your ice. It melds the ice- cubes together to last longer. I use salt on my ice when camping and it does make the ice in your cooler last longer :) Thanks for reading and stay cool my friends :)

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Tater tots and Egg Breakfast Recipe

Tatter tots were invented in 1953. Tater tots means small potato with February 2nd (ground-hog day to me) is Nation #Tater-tot Day, but, I had left over tater tots from last nights( fish and chips dinner) and needed a hack for them. So I put olive oil in the cast iron frying pan, made a circle with the tots, cracked an egg inside the circle to contain it. When the egg was half done I flipped it all over because I like my eggs that way :) (over-easy)
Then I melted Monterey-Jack cheese with jalapeno on the top. You could use the cheese you like or leave it off. It would be crispy and delicious either way. Give this a try... a real cheap and cheerful Breakfast. If You have a big family give this quick, easy recipe for a lazy Sunday Morning Brunch :) You will love it!

Stratford's Exciting Waterways

This is my second attempt at a nature video. This one is of my hometown... Stratford Ontario's lifestyles on the waterways. Hope You enjoy it :)

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring in Stratford Ontario Boat House Fishing Derby

Wow I know it is Spring in Stratford, when ,the Fishing Derby is on and the Stratford Boathouse is opening with new paddle boats. The Optimist Club host a fishing derby every Spring by putting lots of trout in lake Victoria( Avon River) to give every Child the right to catch a first fish. This year the Derby was open to kids 16 years and below :) The winner of the Derby usually wins new fishing gear for the coming Fishing season. It is a free time for adults to fish with their children with no fishing licenses. A good out-door activity for all to enjoy :) The Stratford Boathouse hosts BBQ burgers and soft ice-cream cones along with many other choices for lunch to eat on their out doors river side patio. You can go for a slow river side cruise on their scenic pontoon boat, rent a paddle-boat, canoe , or kayak. Lots of fun on this Spring day on the River :)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Baby Its Cold Outside

Photo by Suzzycue Baby it is cold outside today. I came off my corner, as a crossing guard, walking as if I was a purple popsicle. I was probably breathing icicles with frost on my nostrils today, but I endured the cold. It felt like some sort of accomplishment. More so because I had a tooth pulled on Monday and am still feeling the effects from it. I am glad I didn't work the Christmas break because it was even colder and I don't think I would have made it. It was 28 below zero and today was a warm 14 below. Geewiz. Burrrr :( The good news is only 6 more weeks of winter the ground hog says LOL. So what do we do as Canadians Eh? We carry on and keep a going. I am thawing out now and hope you all drive slower. Enjoy our winter while we still can, it will be melting away soon enough :) Have a good day and Thank you all for reading!