Friday, June 30, 2017

Camping Hacks

Photo by Suzzycue

This long weekend is Canada's 150 Birthday :) A gazebo is a nice way to stay out of the weather on this long weekend :)
We owned and operated a campground in Goderich for 21 Years. Here are a few Camping hacks that I remember !
  1. A cotton ball dipped in Vaseline will ignite a fire without fumes from liquid starters.
  2.  Wet your marshmallow sticks before using them for roasting hot dogs or marshmallows.
  3. If you slice the ends of your hot dogs, into four sections lengthwise on the ends of  the wieners , when you cook them over the fire you will get a spider hot dog and your kids will love it :) Then pull off the legs and dip them in mustard. Yum!
  4. Use a cooler with hot water in it to cook your corn. Simply shut the lid and it will cook.
  5. Never put salt in the water in a pot not boiled... It will put holes in the pot.
  6. Add corn starch to those shake and bake packages for a lot more crunch on your BBQ chicken. Corn starch will also stop itch from poison ivy, a good thing for the first aid box.
  7. Meat tenderizer on a bee sting will immediately take the sting from the wound.
  8. Vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle will cool a sunburn on your body.
  9. Dish soap and water sprayed on bees will stop them from flying. The soap makes their wings too heavy.
  10. Put your dish water from your dish pan on the trees where you camp. This is an excellent fertilizer.
  11. Most of all stay safe and enjoy the weekend with friends and family :) Happy Canada's Birthday everyone