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I am Frugal not cheap. I believe there is a difference. If I save money on food ,I can travel later on. Frugal is good financial advice if you ask me. Suzzycue has lived a Frugal lifestyle all of her life and she is proud of it. I will show you how to decorate , make art with found objects, share frugal shopping ideas, recipes, recycling tips, gardening , Do it yourself easy projects and even house cleaning tips using products that you already have at home. Stay tuned for tried and tested frugal tips that have worked for me. Follow me and share your own frugal tips. I would love to hear them :)
Susan Britton

Keeping Cool Tips

Photo by Suzzycue
This was this year’s longest day of the year shouting…  Summer has Started. The sun was still present as the moon arrived, causing this beautiful side effect. I love it and wanted to share. Enjoy:) and share if you wish!
Since this Summer Solstice has come and gone, we have experienced exceptional hot days through July. We had three solid weeks of hot, muggy temperatures in the 90’s and over.
I tried to stay cool by splashing water on my arms and sitting in front of the fan. This did give me some relief. I am trying not to run the air-conditioner because I am unemployed at the moment. It also gives the grid some relief if I don’t run it. I remember one summer in 2006 that the grid crashed and we were without electric for three full days. I was working in a factory cafeteria at the time and we were afraid the meat would go bad in the freezers. Luckily it came back on and most people cooked what was thawed in their freezers and just refroze it again or ate it all 🙂 The Hot- dog wagon on an uptown street corner was doing great. Since, I live in an Apartment and am not allowed a BBQ that is where I ate.
One of the best keep cool tips, I used, when I was in Florida, was to wet one of those blue or red handkerchiefs  we wore in the seventies(yes I am an old Hippie and still have mine:) ).  Then roll it up and put it in  the freezer.  After it freezes tie it around your neck. This will melt leaving you much cooler than not wetting it. I also used to wear them dry and when they get wet from you sweating they keep you cool too.
Stay cool and thanks for reading:)

Frugal Heartburn Tips


SUMMARY: DIY tips and advice to try that have helped me in the past. Forget the drugs for help to relieve your symptoms. Try these Frugal Heartburn tips.
I wanted to stop taking this drug and find ways to relieve my heartburn so I could improve my health naturally.
Pantoprazole Sodium
Source: photo by Suzzycue
I wanted to stop taking this drug and find ways to relieve my heartburn so I could improve my health naturally.
DIY For Your Health
Do you want to stop your heartburn without the use of drugs. Are you tired of the chalk tasting Tums or Rolaids?
This drug did work and Suzzycue was so desperate for relief she stayed on it for three years and also changed her diet. It was not easy as She had to eat something to find out if it hurt or not.
Acid Reflux Disease
There are two types of acid reflux: Supine Acid Reflux… causing symptoms at night.
Upright Acid Reflux… causes symptoms in the day.
Anyone who has this condition as I do knows how painful and frustrating it can be.
So here are some of the things, I practiced to enjoy my day without so many anti-acid medications 🙂
This was a quick fix for me, simply put blocks of, four- inch squares of wood made from two by fours under each leg of the front of your bed. This raises your head up so the acid does not come into your throat by lying down.
We know food is a big factor with this condition. Stay away from fatty foods, creamy foods, spicy foods, and fried foods. Can we still have some taste to our foods? Can we still have some fun?

These small changes will help

Suzzycue still enjoys her morning coffee, a big no, no with Acid Reflux but if you make it the way you enjoy it… it can be very painful. The trick is to put ice in it. The ice stops the pain, She does not know how but, can enjoy her morning coffee. Now if ice does not work for you, have a hot cup of lemon water. It will wake you up like coffee with no acid hurting at all. The fisherman in Florida on their fishing boats, would cut holes in lemons, and suck the juice out of them to prevent seasickness. Lemons calm the acid with acid… who knew.
Suzzycue likes to eat eggs once in awhile but every time she does… she suffers. The trick to eggs is to remove the yolk, fry up the egg whites and no problem at all. Why? The yolks are where the fat is and fat hurts.
In addition, you will know that onions are a big pain, but we love our fried onions. Food is bland without onions. To enjoy your onions… fry them up in a pan of olive oil until their nice and crispy … then throw them out. Yes, I know, I am crying too but the oil has a great onion flavor you can rub onto meats and use it to shallow fry a steak… Delicious!
If you have heart burn and you have nothing to treat it with, you can drink a cup of hot water. This will ease the pain. Bananas is another heartburn food to ease the pain and includes potassium, which we all need to have. Lemons can also ease the pain of heartburn and calm you stomach. Using acid, to fix acid, really works. Try It.
Hope this helps with your heartburn. Suzzycue also does deep breathing exercises. She takes in oxygen threw her nose in deep breaths breathing from her diaphragm, making sure her stomach goes out on the inhale and in as far as she can on the exhale. This strengthens her diaphragm to help keep her esophagus closed to stop the acid coming up her throat. This exercise does work.

Frugal Space Saver

This brilliant idea and photos, I attribute to @Attosa and her Mom
 When I saw this I had to share it with you. It is such a fun, frugal idea that will save space in your spice cupboard. If you want this a bit stronger use real tin pie pans. We all have them and I think I still have my marbles:)
Need to make Lazy Susan:  2 aluminum pie plates and some marbles in between. It could not be easier. The pans will also keep the spices from falling over. Great idea:) Attosa’s Mom
I now have one of these in my cupboard and it works great 🙂

Frugal Crispy Lettuce Tip

Photo by Suzzycue
This lettuce crisper idea, my friend” Marylou” taught me and I have used it for years 🙂
The lettuce you are looking at, came from the marked down pile of vegetables that I shop for last week. It was 99 cents. I peeled off the few top brown leaves, rinsed it all off, then I leave it in the dish rack to dry.
When it has dried off a bit… I shake the remaining water off and start to stack it in this plastic box.
 You can use any plastic box , with a lid ,you have, or even a large zip-lock bag. I put a paper towel on the bottom ,then add lettuce for one layer, paper towel again, lettuce and always finish with a paper towel on the top.
 When, you use the lettuce, take the top, wet paper towel out, dry it on the oven handle and put it back in after it dries. Repeat as you eat the lettuce.
Even though I bought this lettuce on it’s way out, I can keep it fresh and like new ,in this box for up to a week or more. It is always crisp and ready to use. I love this frugal-tip that will save you money:)
Thank you all for reading and have a great day.