Saturday, July 8, 2017

Balcony Garden Hacks

Photos by Suzzycue

My first Morning Glory has finally bloomed. I wait for these delicate beautiful flowers every year to brighten my world on my balcony. I share the seeds with friends and family in the fall. 

Their vines entangle themselves in and out of the balcony railings and I love it :) I get blue,purple, pink and a blue one with a red star in the middle. I also have a small wooden wheelbarrow with a little roof that I plant a spice garden in. I have mint,rosemary, oregano, chives,thyme,and basil. It does very well under the roof because the summer sun could burn the plants off.

The pride and joy of my balcony garden is my topsy turvy. I plant it every year with tomatoes and basil. The basil keeps the bugs off your tomato plants and it seems to work.