Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Frugal Living Garden Art

Photo and Wood burning by Suzzycue. 

The top wooden plaque is a hand painted seagull on a slice of cypress wood ,that I bought at flea market, in Florida, for a buck. This could be easily done by tracing a bird from a picture to a piece of wood and then painting in the lines. 

I love to wood burn and my MOM bought me a wood burning set for my hobby. I liked it, but found I had to go over the lines again and again to make them stand out. 

One day while walking down by the river ,I saw a man wood burning a drawing of a house onto a flat piece of plywood, with a magnifying glass and it really intrigued me. 

SO I thought ,I would give it a try, and the Blue Heron on a piece of knotty pine above is my first attempt at it. It is harder than you think to follow the lines ,with the bright circle light from the magnifying glass, but with a little practice, I got the hang of it :) I think it turned out good.  It was a great way to sit and get a tan. A win win hobby :)