Saturday, June 24, 2017

Stop Ants From Ruining Your Picnic

Photo by Suzzycue This is the Stratford Ontario Boathouse Rentals on Lake Victoria.

I saw this on my favorite cooking show the Chew. ( The Chew is on channel 7 week days at 1pm.) They always have some great Life Hacks. The tips for preventing ants getting on your picnic table and ruining the food, is to fill 4 small tuna tins or cats tins with water and then putting the four table legs in the tins. The ants cannot swim the water in the cans to the table legs. :)

Another tip to prevent mosquito's ruining your pool party is to take mothballs and create a single line circle around your pool area and sink them a little bit into the earth. Bugs will not cross the line of mothballs. If you have pets disregard this tip as your pets could eat the mothballs but the smell could keep them away also from the mothballs. I have uused this tip and it works but did not have any pets at the party.